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Originally Posted by JohnRain View Post
I stayed at JB until two days ago and I usually love this property, but not right now.
As you mentioned, way too many kids and another, much bigger issue: the loud music of adjacent Nammos beach club as of 2PM which pretty much makes it impossible to relax at the beach.
Yes I have heard Nammos was a bit out of control recently... that beach club really is a problem for FS, but very profitable for the owner. Personally couldn't care less about Nammos.

How was your stay aside from the kids and music issues?

I had a fantastic stay in September and another, long stay in November/December... both terrific. I am more of a pool person than beach person, so I am not too bothered by Nammos. Note that rooms and suites in the wing towards Nammos could have more impact, even at night (especially the #X88 Series). Soundproofing at FS Dubai is excellent, especially as Mercury was part of the planning from Day 1, so they were careful to get good soundproofing.

Back in November most guest were from essentially two larger feeder markets, perhaps now it is more diversified for Festive?
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