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Originally Posted by Circusplaza View Post
Hi folks,
Year is ending and I do want to renew my Titanium (it is expected I do resume travelling in Q2 2021). I am currently at 69 nights, so 6 short to renew.
I do have a stay booked for 5 nights on points (check-in 28th of Dec to Jan 2nd), however I am not sure whether this stay will add up and if so it is only 5 night and check out beyond Dec 31st.

What are the options do you see for me?
a) in case the above stay will count, I can just go for 1 night somewhere.... ideal case.
b) Booking something cheap on points around me and check-in and maybe using it to work from the hotel room? -- Not sure if not revenue nights are adding up towards status
c) Booking something cheap on revenue - I will have to see if this is worth at all or not.
d) Applying for a credit card? if so, which one?

Any other tips? Which one will you go for?
if you are “renewing titanium“, doesn’t that mean you were titanium last year, which means your status has been extended to 2022 anyways?
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