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Originally Posted by hotel_user View Post
Could just be me, but I would think that the smaller bottles ( that can be recycled ) are one person use, so probably safer. By the time housekeeping have cleaned and re stocked ( filled ) the larger bottles the time saving is in negative territory ? I take my own supplies at the moment.
Even if recycled (which may be quite unlikely given the way hotels sort trash and how it is handled later - any container not enitrely clean of detergent is often considered unfit for recycling), this still uses plastic and energy to process it, and the fancy packaging often precludes making it 100% recycled stock and 100% recyclable.

The detergent in the containers is the best defense we have against viridae and bacteria, and enough to get rid of the vast majority of them. A frequently used refillable container is probably cleaner and less of a menace to health and safety than a stockpiled bottle or tube that lies around collecting dust to build up the invisible protein-and-fat film that microbes thrive in.

In my experience, the containers only get refilled if close to empty, so this is not something done every day for every cleaned room, while it takes a bit of time to check which toiletries to restock, pick them up from the cart, position neatly and such. I'd rather housekeeping had more time to actually clean the bathroom
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