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Refund/rebooking for cancelled flights

Hi, could use some advice here - never flown TK before, so don't know what the best way forward is.

Booked 2 x LON>IST>ECN flights for next week - approx 500 for 2. It's essential that I reach ECN next week - I realise I will have to go into quarantine on arrival.

I then got a schedule change notification to say that both of the flights between IST and ECN were cancelled and they had rebooked me onto alternatives. This meant a long layover in IST, so I called up to see if I could adjust the LON/IST flights to be more reasonable. The person on the phone didn't speak great English, but he seemed to imply that the ticket had already been cancelled, which shocked me. I explained my preferred revised itinerary. He said he would sort it out and call me back. He never did. I called this morning to find out that the schedule has been completely mangled and my reservation on the IST>ECN flight was cancelled. Worse still, the flight is now "sold out" in Economy, so the person on the phone today said he couldn't do anything to fix it.

Checking online, there were still flights available in Economy, but only in the expensive fare bucket.

As it's essential I get there next week, I've booked 2 new tickets, business class outbound, 1000 for the new flights. That's bad enough, and I'm furious about that. But I couldn't afford for the flight to completely sell out while I spent [x] days arguing the toss with TK.

But TK are also refusing to refund 500 on my original booking, even though they cancelled the flights, because the "ticket has been re-issued"

It was their cancellation in the first place which triggered it, then their mistake in screwing up the booking.

They couldn't/wouldn't do anything over the phone, and have suggested I fill in a "feedback form", which I have done. Is there anything further I can do?
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