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Originally Posted by SafariCraig View Post
Journeybound - I just saw your post. I got the covid test I needed to get into Tanzania from Kenya at AMREF in Nairobi. It was $90 and I got it back in 24 hours. This is right next to the Wilson airport where all our clients pass through on the way to/from the Masai Mara and other places. You can enter Tanzania by air with no test results. Entry by land borders requires a recent covid test. Since all flights from Kenya to Tanzania are suspended, I had to go 5 hours by road from Nairobi to Arusha. To be honest, I don't recommend a two country safari right now unless it is Rwanda followed by Tanzania. You could do Rwanda then Kenya with a few more hoops to jump through.

All - if I was to average out the discounts across all currently open lodges in East Africa, it is about 30%. And, Kenya has reduced park fees for everywhere but the Mara until December. There is NOBODY in Africa and they are taking covid much more seriously than we are in MN. I would encourage anyone to go. September is peak of peak season and the crossings are epic this year. You can get to Nairobi every day from Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt. Qatar is also good. Emirates is flying but testing requirements are problematic. Flights from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro/JRO (if going to Tanzania) are scheduled on Tu, Th, Su for the month of September. You can get to Amsterdam every day on Delta from anywhere in the US to make this 3x per week flight.

Craig Beal - owner - Travel Beyond
That's super helpful Craig, thank you! I want to confirm I am understanding you correctly. Even though you personally found it easy to do Kenya and Tanzania, you would not recommend it for others due to the extra COVID test coupled with the drive (since flights from Kenya to Tanzania are suspended)?

Good (great, actually) to hear they are taking COVID more seriously in Africa than in the US. Based on how the river crossings are going this year, when is the latest you would recommend going in order to catch some of the action?
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