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Originally Posted by clarkef View Post
That's an interesting position. I would assume that a well-run business would appreciate a reasonable opportunity to earn your business. I am currently at the Marriott in Monterey. They are in the process of remodeling the rooms and changing the beds. The new beds are bad for people with bad backs. They requested that for my future stays I contact them beforehand so that they can make special accommodations for me. Win-win situation.
my initial comment was on the act of threatening to take business elsewhere or calling corporate for something like this. I find that tacky. Nowhere did I say giving management comments is a bad thing.

in your example of beds being changed out... I assume you went to management and say you prefer something else, bed wise. I would assume you didnít call up management and say if you donít change the bed Iím taking my business elsewhere and complaining to corporate that the hotelís bed is not up to your standard.

anyways. Nice to see the hotel made good for the OP.
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