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Originally Posted by sydneyracquelle View Post
The sold out flights I have been watching since mid-March all ended up getting cancelled.
Assuming OP is referring to domestic June flights, they are not likely going to be cancelled at this point (in fact, DL added back some June capacity). It's an artifact of the big June schedule changes a couple weeks ago ( and the aforementioned seat-blocking. DL also did large schedule reductions for April and May, but there weren't as many people trying to book flights then, so it wasn't as noticeable. With all the schedule reductions, DL has to rebook people with existing reservations whose flights got cancelled and this tends to fill up the remaining flights (particular on hub-to-hub routes). Many of these existing reservations will likely end up being cancelled which will open up seats as the flight dates get nearer. All of this has been extensively discussed already on these threads --

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