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Originally Posted by East_and_West
Withholding your customers' money against the law is one level of abhorrent corporate malpractice. Attempting to work your way around it by trying to trick your top-tier customers with childish lies, and then completely ignoring them, takes it to a whole new level. Normally I would be furious at any company for that, but when it comes to Aegean I just feel annoyed and disappointed, perhaps because I expected them to be much better that. As much as I like flying A3, I think it would be hard for me to recommend them to anyone from now on.
After reading some of the comments here over the last few days, I thought I'd see if it's true that they are ignoring customers. Yesterday I sent a DM on Twitter asking about refund options, they replied in just over an hour with the standard template response - we are offering vouchers, blah, blah. So I sent another message saying that I wanted a refund and not a voucher. Again they replied WITHIN an hour, the 2nd standard template response - the Greek state recently published a legislative act, blah, blah. I then sent a third message asking if Greece had exited from the European Union...No reply...not even after 2 subsequent messages. So this obviously is the tactic that they have chosen, to simply ignore anyone who refuses to accept vouchers.

So I completely agree with you
East_and_West, their general behaviour is quite abhorrent. I also expected much more from Aegean because for a long time I've considered their customer services to be exceptional. This pandemic has definitely shown them in a different light.
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