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I can confirm that Lufthansa are giving refunds (or, more precisely placing you in their refund queue) if one is persistent enough. It took me three back and forths, but it was doable. SAS had no problem to refund two cancelled TATL return tickets within a week, and placing me in the queue for refunding my cancelled short-haul flights.

A3 on the other hand haven't even replied to my communication. I have contacted them twice after filing my request, and still no word from them. As a loyal customer I believe that at least I deserve a reply.

The worst part is them uprightly lying to me. When I first called around March 20th to request a refund for two cancelled RT tickets, I was told that they were not issuing any refunds since March 11th, the date when WHO declared a pandemic. After arguing that this claim had no legal, contractual, or even logical basis, I reminded the phone agent that just a couple of days ago they had agreed to refund me a cancelled flight. At that point the agent admitted that this was what they had been told to reply, and could do absolutely nothing about it. She then advised me to contact customer service through their online form. I realized that nothing would come out from giving a hard time to that overwhelmed agent, so I thanked her, hang up and wrote to A3. And guess what... Still no reply, even after writing again to them a second time, and contacting them on the phone.

Withholding your customers' money against the law is one level of abhorrent corporate malpractice. Attempting to work your way around it by trying to trick your top-tier customers with childish lies, and then completely ignoring them, takes it to a whole new level. Normally I would be furious at any company for that, but when it comes to Aegean I just feel annoyed and disappointed, perhaps because I expected them to be much better that. As much as I like flying A3, I think it would be hard for me to recommend them to anyone from now on.
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