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Thanks! I'll keep pushing on Expedia, quoting chapter-and-verse if need be. And good idea about conference calling with AC (if we can reach anyone there).

Originally Posted by Adam Smith
With this being your first post, welcome to FT
You can mostly thank Expedia for that. AC has gotten quite good lately about notifying of schedule changes/cancellations. One tip for the future would be to install the AC mobile app. Even if you don't get an e-mail notification because you booked through an OTA, you should still get a notification from the app.
Yes, Expedia's website is still not showing the leg as cancelled, though the agent could see that it was. And I do have the trip in the AC Android app, but there's no indication of the cancellation within the app, only when clicking "Change" does it take you to a page that displays the cancellation.
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