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Originally Posted by bar_foo
A question about how AC is handling passengers on cancelled flights.I flew to Taiwan in January on a round-trip Vancouver-Taipei Air Canada ticket purchased through Expedia. Our return flight in late June has been cancelled by Air Canada, and Expedia says that Air Canada is only offering vouchers for the value of the return portion. But as I understand the current CTA rules--even the watered-down version during the pandemic--Air Canada is still obligated to rebook on a partner airline if possible. EVA is still flying YVR - TPE direct, and ANA has flights via Tokyo.
With this being your first post, welcome to FT

Yes, if you still want to travel, AC is obligated to try to re-book you under its schedule change policy. If Expedia says otherwise, they're wrong.

So is Air Canada refusing to rebook when a partner alternative is still available?
I don't believe anyone else here has reported AC being unwilling to re-book them.

I haven't called AC directly yet--their website says that any Expedia bookings must be handled through Expedia--but I'll try that next if Expedia won't budge. Failing that, we may have to buy a new one-way ticket and submit a complaint to the CTA.
AC likely will keep sneding you back to Expedia, as they're quite reluctant to touch TA bookings. Keep pushing on Expedia. If you're having trouble with them, maybe even try conferencing in someone from AC Reservations while you're on the phone with Expedia.

Incidentally, neither AC nor Expedia contacted us when the flight was cancelled, we just happened to find out through news reports...
You can mostly thank Expedia for that. AC has gotten quite good lately about notifying of schedule changes/cancellations. One tip for the future would be to install the AC mobile app. Even if you don't get an e-mail notification because you booked through an OTA, you should still get a notification from the app.
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