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Curious about flight status & questions on refunds/vouchers

We have a flight from JFK to SNN (EI110) scheduled for two weeks from now (we booked it in December long before any virus was in the news). Like many others we are waiting for a decision whether they will cancel our flight. What we are seeing since last Wednesday is that this daily flight has not flown but it is not shown as cancelled on any of the flight tracker sites we've seen. If you go to the Aer Lingus website it shows no record of this flight for the three current days and if you look to book this flight in the coming weeks, it says "sold out". All of which seems odd. Do any of you have any knowledge of what is happening to this flight each night? Are they refunding the passengers or forcing them to accept a flight to Dublin or other? We don't want to fly at the height of a pandemic nor do we fly that often so there's a good chance we won't have a chance to fly to Ireland for a long time (or anywhere else Aer Lingus flies) so the voucher is not as attractive as a refund. If they try to make us take a flight to Dublin, does anyone know if the voucher has an expiration date? Thank you in advance for any information or advice. (apologies if this should be in its own thread)
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