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I don't see that contradicting what I'm writing. Most Swedish people do speak and understand English, but that's not the same as they are willing to use it if they can avoid it. I'm from the western part of Denmark and my Swedish is almost none existing. I constantly face Swedish people who are reluctant to use English when i communicate with them. They insist we should use the Scandinavian languages, at least until I switch to my local dialect.
Well, western-Danish dialect is mean to even Copenhagen Danes, right...? Very much like Scanian to most Swedes or Swiss German to a northern German like me. I guess it makes a difference if Swedes talk to Danish or Norwegians compared to non-Nordic people. I guess they just assume you all understand each other to some extend. Well... I as German do not understand Dutch! Even so, I'm from around Northwest Germany

For me, as soon as the Swedes in front of me figure out I'm not Swedish, they switch to English in an instant. And are mostly happy "Great, I can train my English with you!". Which inhibits me, to learn proper Swedish, since everybody around just wants to talk English with me...

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ps. I think you delete the [ before the /Quote. It messes up the quote.
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