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Originally Posted by highupinthesky View Post
If you hate SK this much. Why are you using them at all?

It's unfortunately deep in the Swedish culture to avoid English if possible, and the support of the SK website together with the customer service is unfortunately located in Stockholm, which is VERY Swedish

I'll write it again....I wish they did not hate US so much.

Why do I use them....I would prefer LOT or LH but they don't operate ARN as a hub.

I don't think the customer service is located in Stockholm....when I call them they speak very good English often USA accented but perhaps they are, I never asked.

SK operates across the globe and generally speaking the universal language is International English so if they have decided to not communicate in English its not going to be good. The Corona virus page is in English and only in English so its too early to predict that SK is self isolating into its own national languages.
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