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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
Well now that the thread title has changed, I guess that name is stuck

I've added a couple new columns. Distance, base fare, and surcharges.

Distance is based on some "old" data pulled from Adam Smith 's spreadsheet (along with a Haversine calculator). I'll update it at some point if things look good.

The fare/surcharges fields are the pro-rated amounts based on distance, calculated from the information I can find. I have some PNRs with YQ and YR, but I don't have one with Y to test, but it should be fine.

This does not yet calculate your earnings, since I have not stolen Adam's list of *A airlines or bonus calculations. Though since I know whether it's an AC ticket and I know your status, it should be a bit simpler to determine everything.

I hope this is a useful addition, and I'd love to see any PNRs this doesn't work with.

One thing that's harder to see in this screenshot is that if you hover over an amount, it says "USD". Not super relevant since this isn't quite AQD, but I'm not sure a good way to figure out the exchange rate AC will use.

I wish your tool did this for other airlines. It would be immensely helpful -- it's essentially identical to what I have in my spreadsheet for all my flights, except I'm manually entering them
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