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Originally Posted by will2288 View Post
Hard to see how saying, "don't you dare disrespect me" is anything but a rude and disrespectful response to someone (mistakenly) wearing headphones.
that and the tone used was VERY confrontational. The snapping finger thing to me felt very rude as well as it was within 1 inch of their face and was not meant to “get their attention” but “get their attention and let them know I’m in charge” especially with her speech. A simple shoulder tap would have been a much more polite way to get someone’s attention.

I have a hard time believing that folks here would be ok with someone repeatedly snapping their fingers directly in their face if you were in line checking your bag or someone telling you to move through the security line or boarding line as well as a passenger doing it to you to get up if they were window seated and you were the aisle. I don’t think snapping fingers in a persons face is ever right and honestly one of the rudest thing somebody can do but I guess this is a YMMV situation.
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