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Originally Posted by William Rigg View Post
I have tried all day to contact Cathay Pacific Marco Polo club to confirm a flight upgrade.
There dedicated lines don't answer. You either get an consonant engaged tone or are asked to try the number again.
Quite ridiculous for a first rate Airline.
I tried with mobile and land line all day every 30 minutes or so.
Before it wasn't a problem but now it seems they cant cope with the number of calls or need it upgrading ASAP.
Very bad for its members indeed.

Has anyone else had this problem.
Very bad indeed.
They are all hands on deck trying to re-ticket tons of people, often with complex itineraries and/or changing origin or destination cities. They are completely underwater with the coronavirus. I normally don't apologize for CX but I don't know what you expect them to do here! They don't have 20,000 emergency call center workers on standby in case a virus epidemic strikes.

This is not a "normal" time.

Practically speaking, I think you should (unfortunately) be realistic and expect that normal services like upgrades you're asking for will be badly impacted here.

Besides the mainland Chinese airlines, the CX group (which includes KA, with something like 80%+ of its capacity serving mainland China) is the most impacted carrier in the world by this issue. It is totally not business as usual.

I am also impacted fwiw. I've tried calling them multiple times to change a reservation next week, which is almost certainly going to be impacted but I can't reach them yet. I have no idea what I'll do if I can't reach them. I have two tickets that can't be altered online for some reason, but I can't reach anyone at CX either to change them. I'm just keeping to try. Also try the 3333 number. I've had them both on hold multiple times the last few days without success. But to be fair, I "only" waited 30 minutes or so.

You have to keep trying, and like I say above expect that things we take for granted during normal times like seat reservations, upgrades, etc. are not on the table for now.
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