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Originally Posted by Unionruler View Post
Try instructing them to look for AAA-SIN standalone first, then add SIN-CCC-final dest, you should get what you want.
yeah, thanks. i gonna try calling another time to see if i get diff outcome

Originally Posted by freed0m View Post
What is AAA? It could be due to backtrack.
If AAA is north of Singapore, AAA-SIN-TPE may not be valid. e.g. BKK-SIN-TPE is not allowed, however BKK-SIN-LAX is allowed.
you can try CGK/DPS-SIN-TPE-USA to see whether it can price the ticket.
this is a very good idea

so i tried different AAA in an attempt to generate a through *A ticket, via SIN/TPE (ie. AAA-SIN-TPE-USA), and i get the following result

"AAA" that works in generating through-ticket online, via SIN/TPE
CGK (CGK-SIN-TPE-USA is the only itinerary that shows up)

"AAA" that does not work in generating through-ticket online, via SIN/TPE
BWN (error msg)
PEN (error msg)
KUL (error msg)
SUB (error msg)

"AAA" that works in generating through-ticket online, but via TPE only (so naturally all the below flights are BR metal only, which is a better routing)

can you see any rationale as to why the above occur?

why does through ticketing via SIN/TPE only work for CGK, but does not work for BWN/PEN/KUL/SUB?
while BWN/PEN/KUL is a little "backtracking" since it is north of SIN
CGK and SUB are not that far from each other.
(i have double checked that SUB-SIN in business have available space, on both its twice-daily flights, if booked separately)

i thought silkair metal might be a factor, but i dont think so, after looking at the route/destinations here https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/u.../where-we-fly/ and which AAA cities appear not to work.
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