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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
I can't see how anyone can enter the USA without an entry appearing here:

Are you certain you are using the right passport details? [Note the CBP do occasionally have IT glitches, it's not just BA that does this].

Whereas, leaving the USA it could get problematic, since it relies on airlines submitting your departure record and sometimes it goes wrong. This is particularly the case if you have some USA-Canada -Caribbean-Mexico transfers - it's not always obvious to the airlines that you are entering or leaving the USA. As an indication of how rare that is, of my last 100 visits to the USA, they have only missed 2 departures (and my travel is way more complicated than most travellers). Now the CBP know this, so while there was a mechanism for sending in I94 departure records for manual correction, if your pattern of travel looks kosher then you will be OK. So for the 2 missed departures I was returning within the 180 days I get (as a visa holder) from the previous arrival.

Because of the lack of computerisation on the Mexican border and some Canada border points, it is well known that people can leave the USA legally without being stamped out. So they now just say the next time you show up, just bring departure information / documentation with you.

I wouldn't just turn up at the Embassy, you're unlikely to get past the information kiosk. What you should do is use this form, choose the last option and offer to go to the Consulate in person.

It may be that if you have screwed things up really badly you are better off with a visa anyway, since they normally last 10 years.
Thatís the page that produces the ďno records foundĒ nil return. I can pull up my most recent I94 using the same input details, which correctly shows me entering on 2 Nov.

interesting you mention the Caribbean as this trip was Lon to NY, stay overnight, NY to GCM for three days, then reverse. I have entry and what looks like an exit stamp for the first NY visit but only an entry stamp for the second one. Having googled a bit Iíve seen references to a white I94 card being given to travellers. I donít recall getting one of this for either visit (not conclusive) but in any event thereís no little white card stashed with my passport.

iíll try the link you suggest and try to make contact. Thanks.
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