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Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
While it's a factor, due to FCM UA 1K seems to be about as good as AA PLT in terms of upgrade success on average (i.e., expect to mostly not be upgraded). Whereas as an EXP on AA I often get upgraded even on in-demand routes like JFK<->SFO, my friends who are 1K rarely get upgraded even on secondary routes. OP's experience of 30-40% upgrades is actually a lot better than any of the 1Ks I know.
Last year I had to fly to ewr every month(changed jobs), I would get upgrade from dsm>iah or dsm>den but would almost NEVER get upgraded from there onto EWR. So I was upgraded on the 1-2 hour flights never the longer ones.

With AA I have been upgraded into SFO and SAN my two flights on this trial so far (through DFW). Am very happy about this trend.
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