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Originally Posted by fishy21 View Post
I own several Away suitcases. I've read so many great comments about how their customer service is great, and I've experienced it myself.

This article is a good read about their culture and leadership style.
Wow, that article is truly a must-read from start to finish. Don't quit reading a minute in because the lede is very deeply buried. It starts off talking about political correctness issues which might tempt some to close the tab but the real issue in there is the shockingly toxic work culture that has nothing to do with race or gender.

I was debating whether to use my $100 Amex Green card credit on one of these bags, but after reading that I cannot financially support this company in good conscience. It also causes me to question the value of a lifetime warranty from this company because these are not the things that a company that will last a long time does. This is just not something that an ethical company does. Suitcases with similar build quality and components (polycarbonate construction, Hinomoto wheels) can always be found for $50 at Costco with their member satisfaction guarantee and actually respectful treatment of employees. Let's be real, these suitcases are probably all coming out of the same factory in China and cost $30 or less wholesale. What we are largely paying for is the brand image that they have spent so much on marketing to build. If I want a lifetime guarantee, I will stick with Costco's luggage.
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