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Originally Posted by thijsseh View Post
That is exactly the reason I did not respond to the OP in this case!
I simply donít know as I am not familiar with the WS systems. My hunch would be that you cannot get into the WS OLCI system before their T-24. Maybe you can retrieve the booking on the EK system at their T-48?
There are people on this forum who know the ins and outs of multiple airline tickets way better than I (calling skywardhunterj
It depends entirely on the involved airlines. The issue is that WS will likely be unable to let OP check-in or choose seats on EK, entirely. However OP should be able to obtain their EK booking reference from WS and there's a fair chance they can OLCI on EK, at least choosing seats even if they can't obtain a mobile BP due to the first leg on another airline or document check.

With the EK booking ref I'd check at EK departure minus 48hrs, which will probably be before the WS departure from YYC.

For EK itineraries the rule is that you can check in to all flights in a segment at T-48 of the first flight (a segment being consecutive flights without stopovers, a stopover being a stop at a connecting airport greater than 24 hours).
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