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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
This is correct if you're not upgrading all segments on the same fare component.

For instance, suppose you have a RT from AAA to BBB, with connections in both directions, at XXX outbound and YYY on the return. Assume that you do *not* have a broken fare. Then to get the additional MQMs you would need to pay to upgrade both the AAA-XXX and XXX-BBB segments (or both BBB-YYY and YYY-AAA segments). If you upgrade only one segment on this itinerary, DL will treat it like a seat purchase and not reissue the ticket in a FC fare class.
That's correct -- and DL upgrades are also non-refundable. I was slated to fly SYD - RDU earlier this year on a business trip and upgraded LAX - ATL (on the 777). The trip was canceled last minute (by work, not Delta) and so I lost the upgrade fee (even though the flight itself was a refundable corporate fare).

Here is what the receipt itself shows for having upgraded just the LAX - ATL portion of SYD - LAX - ATL - RDU (all of which had upgrade offers to either PE for SYD - LAX or F for the rest):

Miscellaneous Service and Fees: RFIC: I
Document #: 1234567890
Date of issue: XXJUL19
This document expires: XXJUL20

CMFT+ FRST SEG Upsell282.79 USD

Total282.79 USD
Payment Method: AX****
Routing: LAX-ATL
EDIT: Actually I'm not so sure about that -- I'm looking back at my last FCM that I actually flew (SEA - RDU as part of LAS - SEA - RDU at the end of last year). I only paid to upgrade the SEA - RDU portion but I did get the 50% MCM mileage bonus -- and the receipt has the same language as the LAX - ATL one above. I guess it's possible that LAS - SEA - RDU was a broken fare and that's why it posted that way?

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