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Originally Posted by iahphx View Post
Personally, I was surprised at how this agent strictly enforced (to perhaps a quarter inch on a protruding wheel) their baggage policy. I hadn't seen this happen at Frontier before. It didn't matter to us -- the old bag we were using only had value as a Frontier carry-on, and had zero value if it was going to be a source of friction while flying Frontier. Putting the contents into a plastic laundry bag was simply a minor inconvenience. I do think this incident will "matter" to others when they select their "personal item" for Frontier. As I said before, I'd go for a backpack.
I'm actually looking at buying a backpack to use as a personal item on Frontier. Are they especially strict with backpacks as personal items?

Clearly, one of the massive hiking backpacks wouldn't qualify, but will I get hassled for a simple backpack with a change of clothes, a laptop and a few extras? My goal, of course, is to take ONLY a backpack and no additional carry-on.
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