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Originally Posted by war.eagle.30 View Post
Yep, that's pretty much what I'm seeing too. I guess I'll just find out.
Assuming the guide is correct, then it looks like if you arrive on certain international airlines (eg CX, LH, KL etc) then there is an in-transit preclearance/USA Connections Facility (checked bags are not claimed at YVR).

If arrival on other airlines (and you have bags) you will be dumped landside after baggage claim. The fact the guide segregates out certain airlines suggest there is no access to in-transit preclearance when arriving on the US portion of the terminal.

Originally Posted by Nayef View Post
Here it says you go through CBSA then follow "USA Connections" to go to CBP then the US gates. It says you don't have to pick up your luggage, but I don't know if it's an AC thing or if it works for all airlines. You gotta ask DL whenever you check in:
It really boils down whether at YVR, international arrival and US arrivals (from Delta) are segregated or not. In YUL, it is not segregated.
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