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Originally Posted by YVR Cockroach View Post
Look at the site for guidance, though I am not sure it's covered (not many fly U.S.=> U.S. via Canada). It usually depends on the airline and what time you arrive.

If you can get a BP for the connecting flight, you should be able to head for U.S. connections where you might have to go through a cursory Canadian document check before you get to U.S. preclearance. Hours of this may be (or is) limited however.
I looked on there, and I'm still confused. (I did the US City to US City) It says all international goes to level 4, then down through CBSA, out to arrivals hall. Someone in the DL thread told me that they were pretty sure I could bypass CBSA and just go right into US CBP.

I'm pretty sure I'll have all my BPs, because it should be on my phone once I check in at T-24. Maybe not?

This is all happening in the middle of the day. Thank you for your help!
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