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MileageRunning: US to US via Canada

Hi all. I posted this in the DL subforum, but will post it in here in case some of you might have some more insight. (Mods, please remove if that isn't appropriate)

I am doing a MR on Nov 12. My itinerary includes MSP-YVR-SEA. I have a 2 hour layover in YVR and don't plan to leave the sterile area.

I'm looking for a definitive answer: Can I get off my MSP - YVR flight and proceed directly to US CBP, or will I have to exit via the Canadian side, then go back through US CBP? I'm hoping it's just a matter of get off, follow some signs to US CBP, go through, then hang out until the flight to SEA.

Thanks in advance for any answers you all have.
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