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25% default tip !

I couldn’t believe it. This is the same restaurant that called me during work hours to confirm a reservation I’d made online.

The service was friendly, but slow and incompetent. One wrong item and one duplicate item was served to my table. The food was nicely presented but tasted like crap. And the prices were exorbitant, but I knew that going in.

Unusual for a restaurant in the US, payment was done by handheld electronic card reader brought to the table. I was asked to sign and select from one of the precomputed tips: 18%, 20%, 25%, with the last option being selected by default. Oh, of course on the receipt a 4% surcharge had already been added for compliance with health insurance laws of California, whatever that means.


I’m likely to find the restaurant owner’s email address and e-tear him a new one.
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