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Originally Posted by rsteinmetz70112 View Post
Is there more tell? Did they check every bag or even a lot of them? Where did this happen?
I've personally watched many obviously over sized bags board Frontier flights without any comment.
I've seen the same. It was very odd to me. Honestly, I think it had to do with the fact that it was a rollerboard and not a backpack. There's just something about rollerboards that make them look bigger to gate agents. I've experienced this on countless airlines around the world, which is why I personally don't use a rollerboard as a "personal item."

In this case, I think the gate agent should have said the bag is fine once she saw that it only failed "the sizer test" because of the tiny protrusion of the wheels (this was a 2-wheeled suitcase), but I guess nobody in management ever told the agent to use a rule of reason on this sort of thing.

And for those of you who see nothing wrong with an airline enforcing baggage rules in this manner, I suggest that you don't pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Personally, we didn't care about this nonsense -- we see the whole Frontier experience as a game, where we fly below cost due to their unsuccessful efforts to sell us ancillary stuff at high prices -- but I am certain this type of behavior would not sit well with a more typical customer.

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