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Buy Y fare on AS, lose 150% WP EQM if upgraded

I recently took a trip on AS and purchased a Y fare so I could use the WP platinum elite complimentary upgrade with guaranteed seating in first class at time of reservation. It was more expensive than the discounted fare of course (by $150), and I looked on the NW website to see if I'd get 100% EQM or 150% EQM. The website said AS Y fares give you 150% EQM.

Well, when the miles posted to NW, I only had 100% EQM and it was posted I had paid/flown "U" fare. The CSR explained to me that when you upgrade on AS (even if it's from the expensive Y fare), you are shown as having purchased and flown a "U" fare on AS -- which only gives you 100% EQM on NW and not 150%!. I did get elite qualifying segments, but I was more interested in the EQM.

It seems odd that you lose your extra EQM if you upgrade, even though you spent extra money, but if you have a Y ticket and sit in coach you'd get 150%! Is this because NW has to pay AS for the complimentary upgrades they give NW platinums flying AS metal, so they therefore give you less EQM to somehow make up for it?

Anyone ever gotten 150% EQM flying AS and having been upgraded?
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