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mileage run from YVR to PTY

Hi all, newbie here. got a quick question regarding worthiness of doing a mileage run from YVR to PTY, via SFO and IDA. total flown mileage is 8400 mi round trip, for $749 CAD, all business class.

I am currently E35k with Aeroplan, will hit 71k before end of year based on my travel plans.

I did a quick calculations to see if this flight is worthwhile, as below, hoping y'all would give me some pointers.

$800 / (8400miles x 150%) * 100 = 6.3 CPM (all flight legs are either AC or a combination of AC and UA)

is my methodology above making sense? I plan to travel more or less the same as this year, roughly 70k for the entire year.

this idea of spending $800, just to upgrade to E75k is little mind boggling. trying to do the math here.

appreicate all ya'll support.

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