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Originally Posted by storewanderer View Post
The real problem with what my home location does is they pre-print the contract then you go out to the booth in the garage (skip the counter for Emerald only) and they attach a key to that pre-printed contract but don't give you a new contract print out showing your vehicle, since it isn't assigned until you get there and select it. This can be a problem if you get pulled over or you need to file a damage claim as your "original contract" does not show what vehicle you rented.

Bottom line when dealing with these rental car companies is you need to get the necessary paperwork every step of the way. That means a contact when you pick up, showing your exact charged time and what vehicle you have. That means if you spot damage on the vehicle you get it marked before you leave... if you don't see it until you get out of the garage into more light, drive back around and show it to them and get it marked. That also means a receipt when you drop the car off. These steps take minimal extra time but can save you a lot of hassle and delay in the event something goes wrong.
Oh yikes... no bueno!

At Hertz you didn't pick your own vehicle (at the time) AND there was a gate you had to go through (unless your car was in the back, then no gate). But I would always have an accurate contract. Even that one time, it had the car I was for sure renting on it.

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