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Wife and me are currently at BV #623 . It's very private - both sides have a bamboo fence, most of which is visible due to short foliage yet gives privacy from one adjacent villa. On the other side is a water treatment facility of some sort, luckily no weird smells or sounds.

The experience in the last 24 hours has been great so far! Earlier concerns on this thread have almost been eliminated:
- the buggies come to a stop if they see an oncoming person on a bike
- butter is delivered on the table during breakfast at Tasting Table without asking
- we were picked up by the WA branded yacht which is pretty impressive and we did enjoy our journey. We've seen 1 other yacht come in a couple of times which looked even bigger and grander but did not have the WA signs on it.
- our personal concierge gave us a small Samsung phone to place calls to him. We have called him thrice and every time he has answered - always courteous and very helpful. He meets us at every dining location to check on how we're doing, and sends housekeeping while we're away.

Overall, both the wife and I are impressed with everything. The photos online do not do justice to the hard product.

We've tried the Peacock Alley, Li Long and Tasting Table so far. We have a few more dining locations planned and excursions for the next few days.
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