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Originally Posted by flyerchatter View Post
If you've got time, could you please upload some photos of the view facing south from where the 100s OWVs are located?

Thanks for uploading the bike tour video by the way.
There was no way for me to get photos of the view of these villas without actually getting into them, so I opted to use my drone to get some shots. These photos are taken from approximately the last southward facing OWV in the 100s. You can see the view is pretty nice with no obstructions. Very little boat traffic in this area from what I can tell.

Personally, I would opt for the south/lagoon facing villas in the 700s. Here you get a similar unobstructed view while also being able to see the resort and main lagoon to the right of your deck. Additionally, my wife and I did some snorkeling in this area today and it was fantastic. Coral seemed healthy and there were a lot of variety of fish. Overall I've been very happy with the snorkeling. We've even seen a few baby blacktips near the wedding pavilion and in this area, but only from the pathway and never while actually in the water.

Again if anyone needs any specific info or photos/videos let me know.

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