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So far we have these 2 pics of Yasmeen's menu. The first one from @Stivelio and the second from @Traveler Dave

They are both $148++ but the first one says 'SET MENU B' and the other says 'SET MENU'. I'm wondering if there is a 'SET MENU A' or whether the A & B options were discontinued as Traveler Dave's one is the more recent photo as far as I can tell. There are also the differences of:
1. Having a fruit platter and the choice of 2 additional desserts for dessert in the first one and only 1 dessert in the second
2. A choice of 4 mains in the first one but only 3 in the second
3. 5 options for cold mezze in the first one but only 3 in the second
Once we figure it out I know which I should link to in the wiki. Input if you will. TIA.

Oh wait.....I know the answer! It's easy. Cost cutting is already in place and the one with the least options is the one that's current, LOL.
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