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Thanks this is helpful, what/how did the activities look besides paid ones ($25 is no big deal all things considered)? I believe I read that the Conrad had a pirate day or something like that. Also, what were the facilities like, water park playground etc.? P.S. the picture's didn't show up. At least not on my end. Thanks again!
Hit refresh. I was uploading when you posted

Here are the pics I posted previously

From the link there is a picture I posted showing a days activity list. Little something for everyone. My daughter enjoyed the water park, but it is geared (size-wise) towards your kids age. We went to the Atlantis waterpark in Dubai on our way home so her post-trip review of the WA "water-park" fell a little short.

I am not sure they have a pirate day style activity. But I know they did a scavenger hunt one day. Another day they adventured out to find leaves for a project they did. I do believe they go to the wood-fire pizza oven (just around the corner from kids club) on pizza making day. So they do get the out a little bit to keep them engaged. I was told the only time they watch TV/movies is after lunch while everyone finishes up eating. Think I only saw the TV on one time.

Here is a link to my previous post with the weeks activity list I took off the iPad in the room:

Anything else let me know ;0

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