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I know in a previous post there were some great pictures but does anyone have anymore information/photos re: the kids club? I am traveling with 2 children (3 & 6) and pretty much my sole reason for picking the WA over Conrad was because it appears that the kids club is far superior. Any feedback on this?
Anything specific you wanting to know about?

My daughter is 10 and she had a great time. Most of the kids I saw were more in line with your kids ages. My wife and I make most "helicopter parents" look irresponsible. We are very picky on who we leave her with. We had zero concern leaving her there. We actually tried to get her to stay a little longer one day so we could get a couples massage.

As I am writing this I just realized something....we have taken Summer trips every year since she was born. With the exception of a 1/2 day kids camp in Bora Bora we have never left her at any resort kids program. Most have them, but when we have checked them out they are mostly sad rundown room with old toys. Usually staffed with employees looking like they are being put in the kids club as punishment for something they did wrong. Not at the WA Maldives. The place looks/runs like a pre-school you would send your kids to at home, But they also have activities for kids my daughter's age. I think 11 is the oldest they allow. And I could see a 12 year old thinking they are too cool for the kids club.

Several kids clubs at other resorts charge an hourly fee. The WA is free...mostly. If I remember correctly there is one activity (activities are broken down by hour) a day that has a fee. You are not required to attend that activity. One day she made slime. Another day cupcakes. She did not do them, but they made cookies, pizza and burgers on other days we were there. I think the cost was $20-25 for each, but not 100% sure on that. Pretty spendy slime, but if you went on pizza or burger day you just fed them lunch. :0 But if you chose to have them there all day it costs less than $25 bucks.

Here are some other pics I took.....

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