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Spa Review and Pics

My wife daughter and I all had 1.5 hour massages. As a Diamond they offered 30 minutes for free if you booked an hour. Which is a very nice bonus. Make sure you remind them or tell your concierge when you book about the free 30. They may be aware now, but were not when we were there in July.

In short, we are all agreed they were nice massages and were glad we did them. I almost did a second one later in the trip but just never got back there. None of us raved about them. We usually get a massage when staying at nicer resorts and get frequent massages at home. So we may be a little pickier than most. As with all things at the WA Maldives I would not try and compare the cost vs experience as balanced against cost vs. similar experience elsewhere. You will be disappointed. But if you can forgive the cost you will enjoy yourself.

That said, I feel the WA Maldives biggest fail was the overall Spa Experience. They have very nice treatment rooms (pictures below). But that is it. No sauna or steam room. They do have an outdoor area with seating for pre-post massages. But other than a quite place to sit (outside) no real "spa stuff" you would typically find at a 5-Star resort. They say it will come in time (nothing being built now), but I feel they needed more on opening day.

They did offer some tea (pictures below) pre-post massage. But instead of feeling like we were getting in "spa-mode" I felt like I was at a Chinese restaurant lobby waiting for our table to open up. The day we went to book the massages, while having some tea and looking through the treatment book another couple came in to purchase some things. In tow was their young child being extremely loud. Being the owner of a young child myself I know how they can be. Fine for the Kids Club, not great if you are trying to get your Zen on. Their concierge did shuttle the kid outside after about 5 minutes when the spa employees gave them a dirty look.

When we return I will get another massage. But will hope they improve on the experience before we return.


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