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This week in major ethical lapses at TPG:

TPG republishes a story promoting Expertflyer with no disclosure that TPG/RedVentures now own (and therefore profit from) Expertflyer: https://the.pointsg.uy/VLxB6KZ

Brian Kelly admits on his podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcas...=1000447466275) that pressure from Marriott led them to pull the infamous “Arne Sorensen is Out to Lunch” piece criticizing the CEO’s response post-merger. Among other things, TPG says:
”It was perceived as a personal attack against Arne.”
“I made the decision because it was perceived by a lot of people at Marriott ... and we want to have good relationships in the industry, that’s how I do business.”
“We took it down because it was damaging to our relationship.”

Pushback from big companies you work with is natural when negative stories come out. The story could have been changed to soften critical tone. But holding a major travel company accountable for the promises it makes to its members is far more important than any relationship. To scrub the entire story with no notice or explanation is inexcusable.

These two instances are ethics 101, things that no half-serious media organization a fraction the size of TPG should permit.

Yet TPG and its employees continue to hold up “we pay for all our own flights” as if that’s something to brag about - he does it again in this podcast. That is the absolute bare minimum.
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