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Originally Posted by mad_atta View Post
Interesting to see Minsk. And that video!! Good grief
There are plenty more similar videos mad_atta, they indeed have an err.. interesting leader!

Originally Posted by hugolover View Post
I like how they have corrected prise to price by appending a "c" on the beer menu board in the bar .
Well spotted hugolover! I did not see that before, it is indeed funny. Apart from the little spelling mistake, it was a nice little bar with some good brews!

Originally Posted by dragos76 View Post
One note to add here: some of these status (including this instance) are copies made in the early 1920s by the Italian state and donated to Romania, to be exhibited in its main cities. Then some other cities in Romania made "copy of the copy' too
Thanks for the interesting story Dragos76, I did not know that actually! I was already wondering why some of the statues throughout the country looked like exact copies

Originally Posted by camsean View Post
Excellent TR as always , RomanianFlyer.

My trip to the Stans is finally coming around in October, so I'm looking forward to the rest of your report.
Thanks camsean - I'm curious how you will find the stans!

I was travelling a bit around in the last few weeks and had some things to catch up on at home, so haven't yet had the time to finish the rest. Fortunately the next few days seem a lot more quiet so I will hope to have new chapters - including those of the two stans on this trip - up soon.
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