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Originally Posted by GrayAnderson View Post
Yes, but hammering the hotel(s) in question with successful chargebacks (particularly if one is willing to handle bookings at a particularly bad offender either via outside booking or via a traveling companion's name) would seem to be a way to disincentivize this sort of nonsense. And of course, I also checked The Reef's website and while a $49.95 "resort fee" is listed, a "maid gratuity" is not indicated. So there you have a clear "bait and switch" case.
Interestingly the only way to find the "mandatory gratuity" at booking is to make the booking then, click on a tiny "terms and conditions" link. This then discloses there will be a "mandatory gratuity" of up to 50$ per person(!) per night for Cove and Reef Atlantis rooms. This was pretty hard to find, and I would guess most guests would not notice it during booking. This is in addition to the previously mentioned 49.95$ (plus tax) resort fee.

I remember Atlantis used to have an "energy surcharge" fee at one point on top of all the other fees, which was about 15$ a day I think. They really try and rip off their guests. I wish Marriott would clamp down, as it is pretty ridiculous.

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