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Originally Posted by dav662 View Post
Thank you very much guys. Now I understand it. I think he got confused because Aeroplan used to be with Air Canada and he does not live here and kept his Aeroplan and put all the points he gets from Air Canada on his Aeroplan too and so does his flights on Star Alliance airlines. He is going to see if he can transfer his points on Aeroplan to Altitude or if not then start with Altitude all over again.

You friend CANNOT transfer points from Aeroplan to Air Canada.

To help your friend understand:
Air Canada once owned Aeroplan as its Frequent Flyer Program. It was sold to another company and recently, Air Canada and some partners bought Aeroplan back.

None of this really has anything to do with your friend, but he needs to understand the relationship between Aeroplan and Air Canada.

Having miles in Aeroplan are not STATUS miles. That is why I posted a simple answer above plus the chart, and why @flyquiet posted a more detailed answer for you and your friend.

He will have to use the points he has with Aeroplan before they expire and the expiry date is visible when he logs in.

If he wants to belong to Air Canada's new program, he can wait until 2020 when all current members will be transferred to the new program (as far as we know), or he can fly Air Canada and partners now and earn status. There is no "joining Altitude". If he has an Aeroplan number, he already is part of Altitude.

Again, it is his STATUS with AC that matters for lounge access.
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