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Originally Posted by Michael19887 View Post
For those who have stayed in a beach villa, how is the privacy when you are on the deck between the units? I like how you have a view to the beach/ocean from the deck with the lower shrubbery, so I am not concerned with people potentially seeing in from walking on the beach. I did want to make sure that you can't see your neighbors next door on their deck. Is there fencing/taller shrubbery between the units for privacy?
This is going to vary a bit among the villas. I was in 623 and couldn't see neighbors. But I recall when walking the beach around some of the 200 villas that there was less privacy. 213 was OK, but some of the other villas nearby (which may not be base beach villas) has less privacy. For example I noted that 205 was ringed in by other villas that jut out around it and that the fence between 205 and 207 doesn't extend far enough out to block the views from one deck to another. 218 also had a deck that lacked privacy but they were still finishing those villas maybe they will add more fencing.

They told me that the King Beach Villas are 208, 216, 220, 213, 601, 605, 609, 612, 613, 618, 622, 623, 625, and 628. That list may not be 100% accurate.

I recommend emailing them and double check that and request 213 or one of the odd 600 villas, or 618 or 622.
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