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About a year and a half ago I was on EY103 (A380) from AUH to JFK. About 20-30 minutes after departure we hit some severe turbulence. There was virtually no warning and the seatbelt sign was off at the time. There was a very quick sharp jolt followed 10 seconds later by a violent left hand rolling motion and some very heavy chop for about 30 seconds. Just as suddenly as it came, it was gone and completely smooth for the remaining 13 hours of the flight. Definitely could hear glasses or plates breaking in the galley behind but luckily meal/beverage service had not yet begun so there was nothing in the cabin yet. This instance almost struck me as possibly being wake turbulence from a preceding aircraft as there was no weather at the time at all. Never did find out what it for sure was though. Shortly after the event I made eye contact with the individual in the apartment across the aisle from mine, sort of shrugged, and then the crew came around with drinks shortly after. Much needed at that point.

At any rate, while seated and sleeping I will always fasten my seat belt outside of my blanket. Not as tight as I would wear it for takeoff/landing, but enough that it will still restrict my movement in the event of a heavy turbulence event. In the lounge if it seems like it's going to get choppy I will, but usually not.
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