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Originally Posted by alanslegal View Post
Just a couple of points;

Someone asked about Beach Villa preference, I have suggested a couple of preferences prior to this; but after a 6 days here and riding my bicycle around to/from villa and pools / restaurants etc I think I will ask for a BV south facing in the 600's first. Why? the greenery around 600s appear much more denser than than the 200's (which I was I originally liked). The south facing 600's have panoramic outlook and nothing in the distance. During the day you get the WA yacht come and go from time to time but you don't get any other boat traffic. At night, you look into the distance and there is very little lights from other islands / structures (that can be seen from some north / north east facing villas. If I can't get that, I would ask for a north east / lagoon facing BV in the 200s. I paddled into the lagoon earlier and sat there in front of the 200s and thought I would be OK with this view; there weren't many many people enjoying water sports but the location is close to the family pool (which has been mostly empty and highly enjoyable) and the gym/tennis courts. Plus I would think you would get a decent sunrise or sun visibility.

Now for Reef Villas, I think the 300s north facing would be my preference, the greenery is more dense than 400/500 islands, i felt it was more private (ie could not or harder to see some decks riding by) there are some decks on the 400s and 500s that are visible riding my bicycle past. plus it is more true north, and since i mentioned that there are some distant islands to the north/north east, the 300s I would think would be less impacted.

Anyway that's my final impression on BV/RV room types and why.
I wanted to offer my own recommendations on villa selection, especially the beach villas than can be booked on points.

Once again, here's a map of the property. I recommend printing this map out and bringing it with you as it is far superior to the not at all detailed black and white map they give you on arrival.

The email sent to me before I arrived stated "The number of our King Beach Villas are 208, 216, 220, 213, 601, 605, 609, 612, 613, 618, 622, 623, 625, and 628." I have heard that this list may not be totally accurate but this is what I'm working with.

Like alanslegal, I also spent a fair amount of time riding the bicycles around the resort and I tried to get a feeling for what villas had a good location and which ones had a bad location.

I absolutely would not want a villa in the 200s facing the lagoon, i.e. the even numbered villas from 202-222. There are all kinds of little speedboats and water sports things floating in the lagoon there and you're not going to want to be in the middle of all that and having a view of nearby 300s villas across the lagoon.

Here is the view from the beach outside 222, which is actually the furthest away of these villas from the water sports stuff.

Beach Villa 213 facing south (the ocean) looked pretty good though. It's an "end unit" so you only have one next door neighbor and a good ocean view with very little on the horizon.

My preference though would be a beach villa in the 600s. I requested a villa facing north (ocean), one of the high odd numbered 600s villas, and that's what I got, and I was happy with it. You can walk out about 40 meters until the drop off and there is decent snorkeling there all the way from 627 down to the wedding pavilion.

627 is about a ten minute walk or 3 minute bicycle ride to Tasting Table (breakfast) and Peacock Alley (afternoon tea). The walk can be a bit uncomfortable in the late morning and early afternoon due to the sun.

The only downsides to being on the ocean side in the odd numbered 600s are: (a) some ocean ship traffic going by and (b) you can see Male 20km into the distance and some other resorts in the distance too. It's not that bothersome though.

601 would be an interesting choice. It's right near Tasting Table and Peacock Alley but you're not going to get noise or disruption when you're in your villa. It's also near the wedding pavilion but there isn't much going on there. It's close to the spot with the best snorkeling, outside Yasmeen. It think 601 would be a good choice if you have limited mobility or you've got a little kid who you don't want to drag on a 500 meter walk to breakfast/afternoon tea. But my preference would be further down the beach in the 609 - 623 range.

Alternatively, I'd choose an even numbered villa in the 600s on the lagoon.

I probably wouldn't choose 628 because it's a little close to the "excursion pier" which has a few speedboats coming and going from time to time. I also wouldn't want 602, 606, and 608 because those are too close to the arrival pier. I think 612, 618, an 622 are pretty well located. What I don't know is whether there is any snorkeling here on the lagoon side, like there is on the ocean side where the odd numbered 600s villas are.

Here's the view of the lagoon from between 608 and 610, looking right, you can see the 100s villas across the lagoon and the arrival pier.

As you get into the higher numbered even 600s villas, you'd have less view of these villas and pier and more view of open water but also more view of Stella Maris and the private island. Here is the view outside 618, looking left, straight ahead, and right:

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