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Originally Posted by thaitraveller View Post
As discussed, purchasing airfare plus hotel can often be a way to get heavily discounted business class fares.
Can this be done with one way fares?
Looking at flights from Brussels to Nairobi and the discounts are significant.
But I only need a one way fare.. Have hunted and searched but so far not found a site that gave one way plus hotel as an option.
I even looked for one way plus hotel plus car to drive home (creative, no?).
PS: Apologies if this is not the place for this but was not sure where else to put and thought others could benefit.
Yes, you can manually edit the URL after you select the hotel (and the hotel room, i.e. when you get to the first flight selection) ... try using type=multi and then simply remove the return portion search parameters

in a similar manner you can book open-jaws and even much longer (than 28 days) trips with packages
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