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Originally Posted by VegasGambler View Post
Shouldn't the OP also get a full refund? After all they had a ticket to get from point A to point B and AS did not take them from point A to point B

The $250 is about in line with the compensation that AS usually gives in situations like this. It's not required but it's standard for them.

As far as arriving a day late... stuff like that happens when you fly. If it's really important to be somewhere on a certain day, fly a day or two earlier. Arriving a day after your scheduled arrival is not all that uncommon.
There's no doubt in my mind that AS provided an alternative means of getting everyone to the final destination, though it may not have been ideal or acceptable to OP. I just can't fathom Alaska landing elsewhere due to weather and saying "sorry, we're pretty close, best of luck. no refunds" and that being the end of it. Perhaps OP didn't wait around to hear what the alternative was and doesn't know, or isn't monitoring these forums today to provide an update as to what was offered by AS.
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