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re: tennis courts, it is being built where my red dot is, just before crossing the bridge to the spa/gym and adjacent to staff quarters.

re: sunset/sunrise, i am guessing that its the yellow line or thereabouts, goes right to left.

I am guessing that none of the villas have actual sunset views from their deck (except ocean villas and private island) the closest BV that i would guess that have sunset views or at least from their beach would be near the wedding pavilion. The reef villas in the 500, 400, 300s would likely be blocked by neighbouring fences. (Seeing it from the wedding pavilion) Again I emphasise I am just guessing from my observations and island exploration.


re: upgrades, been told that occupancy is 80+% right now and will be higher as of next week, it doesnt help that the villas in 100s and 200s are not in service.

The resort is gigantic so if i had to do this visit again (and i might) my preference would be : beach villas in the 200s south facing, then 200s north, then low 600s north facing for sunset on the beach, if reef villas in the 300s or 400s, as for owvs, equally same as they are pretty much far away from everything hahaha i am pretty sure north facing rooms end up having distant lights from other islands that can be distracting. Not sure about south.
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