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Originally Posted by david22 View Post
I agree with you there :-)

I'd probably stay at the Pen or the Waldorf if going to the area.

Anyway, they say to contact your local Four Seasons to buy the mattress, and the FS San Francisco is extremely close (<15 mins walks), followed by Palo Alto (a drive down [the] 101). Anyway, I reached out to the SF location via the "contact us" form asking about buying the mattress but after about a week they contacted me back from the Beverly Wilshire.
I like Often1’s advice. If the item is materially different from what you ordered, now after several good faith attempts to have the order corrected, you can send them an email asking for a refund and for them to pick up the mattress and other items. You then file a dispute with your credit card company, stating that you have not received the product you ordered, noting that you have emailed FS telling them to pick up the unacceptable product and issue a refund.

That puts the ball in Four Seasons’ court, and you shouldn’t have to do much after that. FS will likely promptly respond, and fix the issue. If not, you can force the return and chargeback with the credit card.

It’s really not appropriate that you should bear the burden of any further efforts to fix this. They have the responsibility to replace or to return and refund.

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