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Originally Posted by DLSIZE View Post
The night supervisor, Mr. ****** ***** stated that those in charge of food and beverage were unavailable at the hour and there was nothing that could be done at the time. I found it odd that people are delivering food but that no one could be contacted even to provide the missing ordered item.
According to the Hilton website, in-room dining at the Hilton Baltimore ends at 11pm. I imagine your order was the last of the night and everyone involved left immediately after it was cooked and subsequently delivered.

For the record, that's an explanation and not an excuse. I could understand if the Night Supervisor not being helpful in fixing the problem. After all, if no one is on-site to cook, there's no way to get something cooked.

But as someone that used to work third shift in hotels, the response of the guy flummoxes me. The obvious and most basic response would be to: 1) apologize, 2) comp the entire meal immediately, and 3) ask the guest the best time for a Food and Beverage manager to contact to discuss the issue the following day. An above-average hotel will provide a list of delivery options and/or menus of places that still deliver at that hour...even if it's just pizza.
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